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Don’t Invest in Ibeju Lekki Lagos Nigeria

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Let’s face it, there have been so many talks about real estate investment in the Ibeju lekki axis of Lagos and it cannot be overemphasized. It has been tagged the “fastest growing real estate region in Nigeria”, “New Lagos” etc. So what really is so peculiar with this area that is causing this mad rush?

When it comes to investment, the subject matter refers to a very sensitive issue. It therefore boils down to individual skepticism and perception about it. In every sense of the word, investment suggests a financial input in anticipation of a greater output or ROI.

Basically, investment is not for the weak minded. It is for smart and foresighted people. Real estate like every other business also has indicators or markers to help you predict the profitability of such investment. These markers are:

  • Location of the said property
  • Development around the property environs, AND
  • Title documentation for the property

The effects of these markers are interwoven on each other as presence/absence of one has a direct impact on the other. To be honest, Ibeju lekki is a region that has incorporated all these three markers and i will prove that to you shortly.

Wise people are taking position in vantage points of these areas now, because of certain things they have discovered early enough which I will now share with you. I would like to use one of the strategic estates in Ibeju Lekki as a case study, and Fortunate you…here is an opportunity to key into the estate too.


  • Get over 300% appreciations per annum: This is how high your investment would appreciate; the net-worth of your investment within a short period after you key into what you never saw as a goldmine. In addition, the location enjoys 40% of total construction activity in Lagos, continuously driving higher demand and price. According to current market price, a plot of land at Uptown Courts Estate will likely sell over N40million per plot by 2020.
  • Right Choice: Uptown Courts estate anticipates population growth; therefore it is important you go where the world is going. 15% annual population growth rate of the area surpasses other major locations across Nigeria.
  • Guaranteed ROI: In every investment it is important you stay where the market blossoms. Uptown Courts estate is close to the Dangote Oil Refinery & Deep Sea Port, 10 minutes drive from Eleko beach junction and 35 minutes drive from Ajah. How promising can an investment get?
  • Unequivocal Environment: Uptown Courts estate offers you a chance to be surrounded by premium housing estates and fun sites. Imagine having Eko tourist beach, the popular La champagne Tropicana and even a golf course as neighbors. Your status just moved overboard.
  • The ideal location: Uptown Courts estate rests in a tremendous location where you feel the gentle caress of cool ocean breeze against your body and soul away from all the constant noise in Lagos. The location is poised to generate over 50,000 jobs in the next three years.
  • Accessibility to Road: Uptown Courts estate is directly along the upgraded Lekki-Epe express road.
  • Own the next Dubai: Located within the New Lagos Megacity, Lekki Free Trade Zone, in which the Government is investing over N400 billion.
  • Live amidst Wealth: Located with proximity to Dangote Refinery Project, HFP Estate, Lekki International Airport, Dupri Group Industry and Eleganza industries; your fountain can never run dry.
  • Beautiful Landscape: Uptown Courts eliminates any doubts of flooding as it is seated in an upland landscape. You need not worry about sand filling or deep rafting.
  • Authentic Source and Peace of mind: Uptown Courts estate comes with secured titles, Global C of O. It guarantees security for your investment.

Now that you have all these information at hand, it is without doubt that you are making the right choice for investing in Ibeju Lekki. There are many more real estate opportunities waiting for you in Ibeju lekki and I would be glad to help you get on board!

Please feel free to contact us now and let’s advice you on how to INVEST in Ibeju lekki (The New Lagos).


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