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How we saved a buyer from losing Millions

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Dear Reader my name is Peter Twinnet a Professional Realtor with over 5 years experience in the Real Estate Market here in Lekki Lagos Nigeria.

I am the owner of Lekkiproperty.com and investinlekki.com one of the top regularly updated Real Estate portal in Lekki Lagos Nigeria and have written many articles on Lekki Real Estate Market.

Have successful assisted clients home and abroad acquire properties here in Lekki and Ibeju Lekki the HOTTEST INVESTMENT ZONE IN AFRICA.

In order to assist our clients home and abroad invest in Lekki Real Estate market without being scammed, we have partnered with over 10 Real Estate companies here in Lekki Lagos with track record of delivery.

Some months back we were contacted by a client (Mr Olaniyi) residing in London UK requesting for 30 Plots of Land in an estate he saw advertised online by some marketers.

He sent us contact of the company that own the estate and immediately we moved into action, we contacted the company and requested for the documents of the said estate since they claim it has Excision and Survey as the land title.

The next day we headed for search with the documents they provided at Lagos State Lands office at Ikeja, that same day we received the result and it was successful (FREE FROM GOVERNMENT ACQUISITION). So we updated the buyer about the result and he was set to pay to the company next day. But because of our experience in Land matters within Ibeju Lekki, i was not satisfied with the result on the paper so early next day I called the client and requested he hold on while i make another check on the property before making payment so he gladly accepted.

So that morning I contacted a Registered Land Surveying company here in Ajah Lekki to assist me pick corrdinate of the estate land and chart it and he sent one of his boys that charged us N35,000 Naira for the service.

Because our Interest was to protect our client Investment not the commission we are getting, We were willing to pay the N35,000 and we went round the estate land and pick coordinate from different direction of the land and went back to their office. What we discovered will shock you.

After few minutes we received a shocking report saying: “The Land were the estate is Located is a Government reserved Land” that means is Government Land. But what baffled me was that the said land has Exicision (Meaning Government approved land to community), on further search we discovered something shocking: “The said company owner of the estate surveyor actually went to a land 300 Miles away from the estate to pick coordinate and inserted into their survey.

So if you conduct your search with the document they provided, you will receive a good report but when you pick corrdinate on the land and chart it yourself with the help of a Registered Surveyor you will get a different report.

We immediately contacted the estate owner and explained our discovery and they told us they just discovered that their surveyor planned and actualized that evil deed.

So we contacted the Buyer (Mr Olaniyi) and advised he discontinue the transaction and informed him what we discovered and he was very grateful and thankful by refunding us the fee we spent for the search.


1. Never pay for any Land without involving a registered surveyor who will assist pick coordinates and chart the Land.

2. Try as much as possible to avoid CHEAP Lands without good land title.

3. If you are living abroad always contact trusted family member and expereinced Realtor Like PETER TWINNET.

4. Never send payment through a family member or a Realtor but pay directly to the company and allow your family member or Realtor (Professional Land Agent) to followup on the transaction and give you regular updates.

Thank you for reading this article, we hope this information will help you make the right decision when investing in Lekki and Ibeju Lekki Lagos. Expect our next article soon.

Feel free to contact us and let’s advice you on how to INVEST in Ibeju lekki (The New Lagos).


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