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Why you should invest in Lekki Estate Market now!

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Why you should stop procrastinating and invest in Lekki Estate Market now!

Mr Akin living in Lagos was preparing to travel to the states. As a wise investor, he decides to invest some money in property in Lekki by buying some plots of land.

This was in 2001. He contacted the realtor (agent) who showed him some choice locations at ₦6,000,000 per plot. “This is expensive. It will take 30 years for this to develop” – Mr Akin lamented.

He travelled without buying the property. After 15 years in the United States, he returned to find out to his bewilderment that Lekki Phase 1 has developed beyond his expectation.

He called his realtor to get him a quote. “I have some brief Mr Akin and the cheapest among them is ₦120,000,000 per plot” – The realtor said.

Mr Akin was shocked. He didn’t take the realtor for his words. He searched around and found out that it was true.

LESSON 1: “Don’t wait to buy land, but buy land and wait”

After frantic search, he was able to get an offer at Ibeju-Lekki for ₦1,500,000 per plot. He’s going to buy 50 plots this time. He has learnt his lessons. He told the realtor he will be paying the next day. He forgot. After a week, he called to initiate the transfer and he was shocked to hear the estate was sold out.

LESSON 2: “The Land you inspected yesterday and planning to pay today is the same land someone inspected yesterday planning to pay today. He ended up buying a property nearby for ₦2,500,000 per plot against the ₦1,500,000.

Don’t be Mr Akin. Invest in our affordable estates in Ibeju Lekki with good Land titles.

Ibeju-Lekki is presenting a unique, fantastic opportunity to you today. Her development rate will be faster than that of Lekki Phase 1, Ikoyi and Victoria Island because of massive projects like Lekki Free trade zone, Lekki Deep Sea port, the Dangote refinery, Lagos smart city and a whole lot.

Don’t repeat same mistakes many did in the past, take advantage and Invest in the FUTURE, invest in Lekki now!

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